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 “We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the entire staff at Prevail. They worked tirelessly to assure that we received the best and most competitive malpractice insurance coverage for our practice of over 100 physicians.  As a growing practice, we needed a highly specialized broker that understands the healthcare industry and is exceptionally good at producing results.  We found that with Prevail.  After negotiating several very attractive offers, the team at Prevail prepared an easy to understand side-by-side comparison, thoroughly explained all the details and helped us arrive at a solution that was the best fit for our particular needs.  We are very grateful for all their hard work and we are looking forward to working with Prevail for many years to come.”

  • CEO, Surgical Group in the Bay Area


“I thought our radiology group was receiving competitive insurance rates.  When I met with Prevail to review what they could save us in premium dollars, I was excited but skeptical.  When it came time for our insurance policy renewals, I started to see that the game plan Prevail laid out with our insurance portfolio was working.  The biggest surprise came from our malpractice insurance renewal.  Prevail presented us a quote that was 24% less than the previous year premium; without changing carriers.  I was so pleased to present the news to our Board of Directors.  It is rare to come across an opportunity to drop your expenses by six-figures.  Making the move to Prevail was a great decision for our group.

  • Business Operations Manager, Radiology Group in San Diego


“I met Devin and Ben from Prevail a number of years ago when they came to my office and offered their services.  As the CEO for a large OB/GYN office, I was a bit reluctant and felt that I was able to “get the best pricing” from our medical malpractice insurance carrier.  I had been successfully negotiating our premiums annually and found that our rates were in line with quotes from other carriers… or so I thought.  I have to admit that I was also a bit skeptical about using the services of a broker, because I thought my costs would just be increased to offset their broker fees.  Prevail was very patient and consistently touched base with me at least once or twice a year.  Prevail shared with me that they had additional resources which they would leverage to help me improve.  When the time came to renew our malpractice coverage this year, I turned to Prevail and asked them to intercede on our behalf.  I am pleased to share that Prevail was able to reduce our overall costs for our medical malpractice insurance by 22% and we now have a very experienced advocate in our corner.  Medicine has changed and every day seems to be a battle.  Knowing that I can call upon Prevail at any time is extremely invaluable.   Prevail has a wealth of knowledge, training and insight; they are definitely more than just my insurance broker.  I would recommend Prevail, without reservation, to any of my colleagues who are looking to save some money and need a credible resource.”

  • CEO, OB/GYN Group, Bakersfield, CA


“I would like to take this opportunity to enthusiastically endorse the services of Prevail.  They are professional, proactive and get results! With a malpractice premium savings of 14.8%, I wish that I had worked with them sooner. They communicated all the steps of their negotiations on our behalf, and presented a comprehensive report summarizing our coverage and their findings.  It was very well organized and easy to understand.  They are genuinely looking out for their clients’ best interest.  I look forward to working with them now and long-term!”

  • Controller, Orthopedic Group, Redwood City, CA


What a difference it makes to have an expert broker like Prevail on our team. We had been with our insurance carrier nearly 8 years and thought we had a good deal, however we were seeing our premium increase each year. The recession hit us hard and we had to make drastic cuts in our overhead to survive. Thanks to Prevail, we were able to make significant improvements. Prevail came in and analyzed our malpractice solution, premium and claims history. Their recommendations allowed us to get a fresh start with a new carrier, achieve a 36% premium reduction now and positioned us with a much better partner for the future. We look forward to spreading the word about Prevail to our colleagues.” 

  • Physician Leader, OB/GYN Group, Santa Monica, CA


“We are a large urology group with multiple locations around the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  When we first met the team at Prevail, we were satisfied with our Malpractice Insurance costs but we decided to have them analyzed as a precautionary exercise.  The experts at Prevail walked us through the steps and prepared a thorough comparative analysis.  Once we saw the rates they could negotiate and the improved coverage, we wondered why we took so long to engage them!  They negotiated rates that yielded a 30% reduction in our premium costs.  In addition to the cost savings, we are impressed with their superior customer service and community involvement.”

  • President, Urology Group, San Francisco Bay Area


The team at Prevail is the best. They have stood by me through the years and have become trusted advisors. They help me get the best rates, provide excellent service and advice, and they are a very strong advocate for my particular needs. As a busy radiologist, they help me stay focused on my patients, and they are my go to experts for insurance matters.” 

  • Physician Leader, Radiology Group, San Francisco, CA


“Making the move to Prevail was one of our best insurance decisions ever… I only wish I would have done it several years earlier. I have been impressed with their broad understanding of healthcare and the challenges I face each day, along with their specialized expertise in malpractice insurance. I’ve never had anyone analyze and explain my coverage and premium the way they did. The team at Prevail exceeded my expectations and are continually looking for ways to help our group improve. Best of all, when they got involved with our medical group, we were able to lower our premium and stayed with the same carrier we’ve been with for years. Regardless of your insurance situation, I would recommend working with Prevail.” 

  • CEO, Ear, Nose & Throat Group, Sacramento, CA


“I was introduced to Prevail through a mutual friend that had known them and their work for many years. I had always felt that somehow our group could do better with our malpractice insurance premiums, but no one was ever able to produce any significant results. Prevail changed all that. The team at Prevail dug into the details of my practice, specialty and current policy and provided our group several ways to improve. Making the change to Prevail and following their advice saved our group over 34% the first year and 40% in the following year, plus they save us the time and hassle of dealing with the insurance matters ourselves.” 

  • Physician Leader & CEO, Pathology Group, Sacramento, CA


“Thanks to Prevail, our radiology group has a much better solution for our Malpractice Insurance and we are saving a tremendous amount of money.  We had been with the same insurance carrier for nearly 30 years and thought we had a competitive solution.  We had others analyze our situation in the past but no one was able to produce anything better.  However, Prevail came highly recommended from a trusted colleague and we decided to give them a shot.  Prevail took the time to genuinely understand our group and our particular needs.  Better yet, they thoroughly analyzed our situation and developed very effective strategies to help us improve.  By following their advice we significantly improved the quality of our overall solution and saved a very welcomed 39%. We are extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend Prevail to others.”

  •  Physician Leader, Radiology Group, Torrance, CA