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Who We Are – Fast Facts

  • What We Do – Prevail provides highly specialized insurance management and brokerage services focused on meeting the insurance needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Who We Serve – Our clients include physicians, medical groups, hospitals, foundations, clinics and all types of healthcare entities and facilities.
  • Experience – With over 17 years of experience, we have worked with over 300 medical groups, hospitals and healthcare entities and have managed the insurance needs of over 3,600 physicians. 
  • Where – Prevail is based in Granite Bay, California. Our clients are located primarily throughout the state of California, however we are positioned to work in any state.
  • Products – Prevail’s primary focus is on our clients’ Medical Professional Liability Insurance (medical malpractice insurance), however our services are designed to simplify your life by managing all your liability and property insurance needs.
  • Partners – As an independent broker Prevail works closely with the best insurance carriers and solutions in the marketplace, including some that are exclusive.
  • Cost – Our services are free to our clients.