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Points of Difference

  • Independent – We are an independent professional insurance broker representing the best interests of the medical groups we serve.  We take every one of your questions, your concerns and your problems just as seriously as if they were our own.  We help you make well informed decisions and we help you find the best solutions for your particular needs.
  • Focus – We are 100%-focused on the healthcare industry and specialize in working with hospitals and medical groups.
  • One Place – Prevail can manage all your liability and property insurance needs.
  • Insurance Management – We take a proactive management approach to our clients’ insurance needs, with a team of experts, as opposed to the typical insurance agent/broker’s transactional approach.  We use our highly effective management tools and ways of servicing which provide better results.
  • Access to Solutions – Prevail works closely with the best insurance solutions, including some that are exclusive.
  • Relationships – We have excellent relationships with the key decision-makers and know how to motivate them to make attractive offers.
  • Creative Problem Solving – We are creative problem solvers, provide fresh thinking and offer unique solutions.
  • Competitive Advantage – We give our clients a competitive advantage by helping them improve, giving them access to resources and saving them time, money and hassle.
  • Needs, Expectations and Enjoyable Experience – We take the time to understand the unique needs and expectations of our clients, we provide the highest level of service and we deliver an enjoyable experience.