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Insurance Management

Insurance Management is a unique alternative to the traditional insurance broker. We take a proactive management approach to our clients’ insurance needs as opposed to the typical insurance broker’s transactional approach.

Within the insurance world there are several ways a medical group or hospital can source their insurance:


Insurance Management is a unique blend of the following…

  • Healthcare industry expertise
  • The high level of client service we provide
  • The roles we play with each client
  • Highly effective strategies
  • Proprietary management tools

This new approach and new breed of insurance professional better meets the needs of our clients and produces superior results.  It significantly reduces risk, it saves you money and it maximizes the return on your investment.  Insurance Management makes it much easier to conduct business and it dramatically improves the performance of the insurance products you are buying.  In short, it enhances your entire insurance portfolio and helps you become more competitive.

At Prevail, we approach risk and the transfer of risk as though we were a member of your team.  We see our job as more than simply the placement and renewal of your insurance policy.  As your trusted advisor, we set out to help you manage your insurance portfolio in order to provide optimal performance at the best pricing possible.  Our ultimate objective is to make our client’s job easier and to effectively transfer the responsibility of related issues off our client’s desk and onto ours.